Emiliana Parati Contract Wallcoverings has been created to meet the growing needs of the Contract market, which is increasingly attentive to aesthetics without neglecting quality. We offer hygienic materials, easily washable and stainable, which are extremely resistant to shocks, wear and fire.

Designed to help professionals in their projects, our products are guaranteed by international certificates and suitable for all environments dedicated to hospitality: cruise ships, hotels, restaurants, offices, universities and schools.

The offer is enriched by a wide choice of digital mural panels, 360° Digital Wallcoverings: a new creative project undertaken with passion and with the desire to offer a more flexible and versatile concept of decorative solution.

Our team is always available to discuss customer ideas and evaluate them in every aspect, both technical and commercial, thanks to the experience of a company that has been a leader in the sector for over 40 years.

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